Iran sinks into a mythical world and superstitions‏ - صحف نت

Iran sinks into a mythical world and superstitions‏ - صحف نت
Iran sinks into a mythical world and superstitions‏ - صحف نت

- Wilayat al Faqih is dominated by many superstitions. Iranian society is full of superstitions, and it is ironic that such myths come on the tongues of those who hold the joints of the state.

The owners of the turbans are trying to extinguish the light of the minds of the Iranians through superstitions and sorcery.


Keys to Paradise

Khomeini was distributing keys to Iranian soldiers as the keys to paradise.


Jinn and the victory of Ahmadinejad

The former president of Iran, Ahmadinejad and his advisors, used the jinn and the sparrows in the Iranian elections. Without them, Ahmadinejad didn't win the presidency, according to close associates of the former Iranian president.


Haja Nada and Al-Ahgeba

One of the most prominent closest of the current president, Hassan Rowhani, a Shiite cleric, Majid Jafari Tabar, and his wife Haja Nada, who specializes in making a "Ahjeba" ( some thing used to gain good luck ) were arrested on charges of relating to Jinn .

Sources confirmed that the arrest of Haja Nada and her husband was caused by a close confidante of Qasim Salmani, warning him that Nada had made a "hejab" that would harm his position with Khamenei.

Hijab Rouhani  

Sources pointed out that Rouhani depends to a large extent on the Haja Nada in making his fateful decisions and she has made for him " Hijab" that can overcome the ordeals and political difficulties facing him. Sources also confirmed that Rouhani returned Haja Nada days before the meeting of Vienna after the mediation of Mahdi Talib.


Iran claims: Israel ridiculed the jinn for spying on Iran

In 2014, social media sites, including YouTube, broadcast a video of a dialogue broadcasted on the third Iranian state television channel about the "jinn" with the participation of the cleric and university professor "Hajjat ​​al-Islam Wali Allah Naqi Burfur" who claimed that Israel tried to ridicule the jinn to spy on Iran Hezbollah and Hamas.


"The Jews have long experience in connecting to the Jinn, and this link is very broad. Therefore, Israel tried to ridicule the jinn in order to penetrate the intelligence agency of Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas, but it failed to reach its goals," he added .

"بإمكانكم إيضاً مطالعة خبر (Iran sinks into a mythical world and superstitions‏ - صحف نت) من موقع (اليمن العربي)"

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